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Macular degeneration is a disease which affects the retina. In this video we will describe the symptoms of macular degeneration. The retina is the layer at the back of the eye which helps us to see the world around us.

Macular degeneration causes changes in central vision. Images which were once clear may appear blurred. Later, dark spots may appear and enlarge. Straight lines may become distorted or curved. Colors may appear less vivid or darker.

The eyes work together. When one eye loses vision, it may not be noticed because the other eye is still able to see. Each eye must be tested on its own to identify changes in vision.

The symptoms of macular degeneration may be found in other eye conditions. It is very important for an ophthalmologist to perform an examination to ensure that no other conditions are present.

Dry macular degeneration affects the health of the retina. The retina is the lining of the eye which responds to light. Here, a cross section of the retina can be seen. In the “dry” form of macular degeneration, metabolic end products collect underneath the retina. These deposits are called “drusen”. Over time, Dry Macular Degeneration can lead to scarring or thinning of the retina above. Dry macular degeneration may cause gradual central vision loss over time. Every patient has a different course, and some patients preserve vision for a very long time. Your ophthalmologist will monitor your eyes. Ask about how stopping smoking or vitamin formulations can help to slow the progression of dry macular degeneration.

Wet macular degeneration may develop in patients with the “dry” form of macular degeneration. In the “wet” form, blood vessels that are leaky and abnormal begin to grow into the retina. Unlike normal blood vessels in the rest of the body, those seen in “wet” macular degeneration cause swelling or bleeding into the retina. Wet macular degeneration may cause either sudden or gradual loss of vision as these vessels leak fluid or bleed. If untreated, vision loss can progress.

The retina, which lines the back wall of the eye, is responsible for sight. In “dry” macular degeneration, deposits collect underneath the retina. In “wet” macular degeneration, abnormal blood vessels begin to sprout. A molecule known as a vascular endothelial growth factor, or “VEGF”, is released in “wet” macular degeneration. VEGF binds to its receptors much like a key entering a lock. VEGF is a signal which causes leaky blood vessels to form underneath the retina. As these abnormal blood vessels leak and bleed, the retina becomes swollen and vision may decline.

The main treatment for “wet” macular degeneration is an injection of medication into the eye. This medication is delivered close to the retina after freezing and cleaning the eye, and most patients experience only minimal discomfort. These medications work by binding to the VEGF that is released, much like a sponge. As a result, the VEGF cannot bind to its receptors. These injections slow or stop the growth of abnormal vessels. As with any medical procedure, injections of anti-VEGF may help to preserve or slow the risk of vision loss from “wet” macular degeneration. Injections carry risks each time they are performed. They last only a certain time, and repeated injections may be necessary to preserve vision. Talk to your ophthalmologist about the benefits and risks of anti-VEGF medication to learn more.

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  2. First & foremost, Macula Degeneration is the degeneration of the macula only. True, the macula is the area of center vision, but what Macula Degeneration does not mean, is total blindness. Macula Degeneration can cause the loss of one's Center Vision, but not Peripheral vision. A patient with Macula Degeneration will usually lose center vision, caused by, what looks like an obstruction of one's vision right in the center of one's sight. This blind SPOT is called a Scotoma and could remain there from then on. Peripheral vision is not involved, thus light is still seen, just not the center portion of one's vision.

  3. I'm an ex Marine 6'0 220 with tats, and needles scare the crap out of me. In 2016 I was diagnosed with mascular degeneration. I researched a cure and to my dismay 3 injections right in the eye. 2018 my eye is fine. The injections needle are the world smallest, you'll only feel the pressure of the syringe touching you eye that last a split second. No sting, no blood, piece of cake. They give you an option of a numbing shot, that I strongly recommend not to take because it's don't hurt either so you figure the rest.

  4. I had eye floaters for a number of years and after using this eye floaters treatment “gofam shocking press” (Google it) for a few weeks they disappeared completely. I was hesitant at first because I believed they`ll be back after a couple of months, but it has been two years and no sign of single floater. It is only right to give you my story, so you can try it on your own.

  5. Im ronald emmanuel beron 25 years old.i also have a macular degeneretion and i live here in philipines.i have no idea how to solve my conditions . This symptoms is very rare in the philippines pls help me help help me … god bless us ….

  6. I've had this in my left eye and had to get the shot. Now I have it again but in my right eye. They couldn't do the shot in the right eye cause there was a great risk that my retina would detach. So now I need surgery. I can't even see my hand right in front of my face.

  7. Blaulicht und AMD
    Sie können über die „Blaue Gefahr“ in Artikel lesen und Video sehen:
    Und vor allem die Erkenntnisse des Zellbiologen und Netzhautforschers Prof. Dr. med. Richard Funk, TU Dresden, beschreiben deutlich die Blaulicht-Gefahr: AMD ist eine chronische, progressive Augenkrankheit, die vorwiegend nach dem 50. Lebensjahr auftritt. Durch die Zerstörung von Zellen im Bereich der Macula lutea geht die Sehfähigkeit im Zentrum des Gesichtsfeldes nach und nach verloren. AMD ist der häufigste Grund für Erblindung weltweit, in Industrieländern sogar der führende. Als ein möglicher Auslöser gilt nach Funk das Blaulicht im Bereich von etwa 450 nm Wellenlänge in Verbindung mit dem Alterspigment Lipofuscin. Generell lässt sich sagen: Je höher der Blauanteil, desto wahrscheinlicher die Störung unserer Netzhaut.

  8. The best initial treatment for Neovascular ( wet ) macular degeneration is VEGF inhibitors: RANIBIZUMAB, BEVACIZUMAB, AFLIBERCEPT. Injected directly into vitreous chamber every 4-8 weeks. 90% cases process will stop and in about 30% cases patients report improvement in vision! USMLE Step 3 – National Board Exam!

  9. I went to check my eyes and they told me that I have three black dots in my right eye and 2 black dots in my left eye. They said that it's a VERY rare thing. LIKE REALLY RARE. And they said they'll figure it out after 4 months. When I came home I was so sad. I thought that I was going to die because they said the cause of this MAY be because of my stomach and I have a disease in my stomach and somehow connected to my eyes. Now I just have to wait 4 months and see what it is :'(

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