What Happened to Demi Lovato’s Voice at the BBMAs? (Vocal Coach Reacts) coupon discount promotional codes 2019

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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes breaks down Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato’s performance ofFall in Line live at the 2018 BBMAs

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24 thoughts on “What Happened to Demi Lovato’s Voice at the BBMAs? (Vocal Coach Reacts) coupon discount promotional codes 2019

  1. actually demi has throats problems and had massive pain while singing. she still wanted to sing and perform the show. also she was obviously nervous because christina is her idol and to perform for the first time she still nailed it !❤️

  2. If any other powerful female singer could hold up to Christine, it’d be Demi. They are both powerhouses. Demi is a very strong person, but I’m sure she’s also just a little nervous to be next to someone who is so powerful/talented and someone who is also one of her idols.

  3. Its not that demi was going past her limits …naturally demi can belt at much higher range but Demi is touring at the same time so her voice is already tired…thats why this happened but she sings well not bad..😍😍💓💓👑👑👈 and the second reason xtina is her idol so she is nervous also…💓💓

  4. She wasn't confident enough, she was nervous cuz it's her first time doing it live and having to belt up to a Bb5 that is challenging really, though as i am commenting on this, she has already done a live performance and slayed that Bb5 and if you want to see it, she did it when she was on her Tell me you love me tour, Oslo

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