Wait For It…The Mongols!: Crash Course World History #17 coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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In which John Green teaches you, at long last, about the most exceptional bunch of empire-building nomads in the history of the world, the Mongols! How did the Mongols go from being a relatively small band of herders who occasionally engaged in some light hunting-gathering to being one of the most formidable fighting forces in the world? It turns out Genghis Khan was a pretty big part of it, but you probably already knew that. The more interesting questions might be, what kind of rulers were they, and what effect did their empire have on the world we know today? Find out, as John FINALLY teaches you about the Mongols.

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40 thoughts on “Wait For It…The Mongols!: Crash Course World History #17 coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. I believe that the morality of warfare changes with how war is fought. Nowadays we have things like the Geneva convention and the UN that restrict how we fight. And our weapons also influence how the wars go. Now days we don’t go on world conquering sprees, we might just send a strike team to a single city or something like that. And around the time of the mongols and for almost all of history before, people did many of the same things. Cities were constantly sacked, people were slaughtered. So I don’t know why people always demonize the mongols when Europeans and Persians and Muslims have been doing the same stuff (tho maybe on a smaller scale) for centuries.

  2. 2 facts about the Mongols:

    1. The Turks, specifically the Ottoman Turks, are descendants of the Mongols. After the Mongols unfortunately defeated the Muslims, many actually converted to Islam. Among these were the Turks, and some of them went on to reestablish the Caliphate. This was done especially well by the Ottoman Turks, who had created the 4th Caliphate. They truly were at the forefront of the worlds, both the secular one and the Islamic one.

    2. The Mongol invasions were predicted by Muhammad(saw). “The Hour will not be established till you fight with the Khudh and the Kirman(the Mongols) from among the non-Arabs. They will be of red faces, flat noses and small eyes; their faces will look like flat shields, and their shoes will be of hair.”

  3. in 1239-42 mongol invasion of europe "mongol" army's almost half are kipchak, i.e. turkic people. Read you will see. Historically "mongol" name is not ethnicity name. Various sources use mongol and turk names as synonim.

  4. there is a basic thing. it is Kereyit, Naiman and Tatar tribes are Turkic clans okey. And think about "mongol" name. secret history of the mongols say, "people who lives at felt "yurt"…" ethnicity is not important okey. so genghis khan and "mongols" include turkic clans and its nucleus is turkic peoples.

  5. You are a real Mongol if you say Mongols were for diversity and tolerance. when some people wipe out the whole town they are animals not humans! Persians brought all those inventions like fist money or pony express 1200 years before Mongols. Stupid historian!

  6. The greatest empire was Persian that was more than 1000 years before Mongols and did not conquer by killing all men and raping all women. Persians brought the first human rights to the world 500 BC and that is great culture. I do not call these blood thirsty animals great. You may have down syndrome because you have a Mongolian gene in you because your ancestors were raped by Mongols or Arabs.

  7. You represent our history well… but I will 2 things… 1 is that Chinghis Khan was the title… since Khagan was not created at this time… at least not for us Mongols. 2. While Mongol Empire did not conquer India (unfortunately due to the Afghans and the Muslim Delhi Sultanate), the one called Babur Khan, another royal descendant of Chinghis Khan Temujin, did conquer India, forming the Mughal Empire. So in essence… our ancestors did conquer India, China, "Russia", Persia and part of the middle east!

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