The Truth About Alcohol – BBC Documentary coupon discount promotional codes 2019

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Find out the truth about alcohol and why it’s so bad for you.

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30 thoughts on “The Truth About Alcohol – BBC Documentary coupon discount promotional codes 2019

  1. Since quitting alcohol my life has vastly improved. My mental health especially. Drinking every weekend…it's easy to normalise the anxiety that happens as a consequence. I have more energy, mood is improved, I look trim. So glad I stopped.

  2. Alcohol is a factor in the majority of fatalities in adults in drowning ,hypothermia,and heat stroke.I believe that alcohol should be promoted and used in cooking in some instances can augment taste, reduce the need for sugar and salt,liberate vitamins and minerals,and boost food safety.

  3. I've been drinking since i was 15 years old, about two-three times per week (consuming well over the 14 units) and now that I'm 24 I've noticed that I can still drink the same amount I used too as before, although my hangovers and mental states have been much worse. I feel like absolute garbage when I wake up from a night of drinking, that's physically and mentally. But what's worse is the psychological effects it has on me the next day. I feel groggy, depressed, grey, lonely and bitter. I've been trying to stop but there's nothing else that can help me cope with the stress my life brings me – such as my job, my bills, school, love life, all of it. If people have the same issue as me I've been starting to figure out a way to stop feeling that way (don't get me wrong I love beer and the many varieties of tastes and flavors they come in) and its to simply not drink as much as you've used to. Instead of consuming 7-8 beers per night out, 3-4 beers do me just fine now. And I usually eat an entire meal after a night out and or drink an entire pedialyte and that ALWAYS works for me to not get hangovers.

  4. Thank God I became a Muslim .

    There is no goodness in drinking Alcohol . None . If you drink to have a "good" time or simply to wash away the woes – its simple – youre weak minded and you need to learn how to cope with your problems as to 'solve' it – not simply to run away from them .

    Leave this filthy poison – your lives WILL improve .

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