The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

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Why is the refugee crisis all over the news? How is this related to Syria? Why should we care at all?

Donate to the United Nations Refugee Agency:

The Syria / Iraq video:

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Sources used for this video:

The Future of the Global Muslim Population

Pew: Fertility Rate for Muslims vs. Non-Muslims in Europe

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The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

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  1. A channel named Hakan Kaan have steales thia video.He literally translated words to turkish and put anything on the background.Video's name is "Suriyeli Mültecileri Neden Sevmemeliyiz".He stealed all the words.

  2. It's quite easy to judge the EU, no country is helping it, Italy has already more than enough immigrants, more than Italians probably. All countries should do something about it, not judge.

  3. The US and Europe can put greater economic pressure on these countries to change their civil rights. If they won't with economic pressure and persecute their own people then bomb the countries military hardware until they get the message they must take care of their people.

  4. "…regugees who become immigrants are less likely to commi crimes than the native population. When allowed to work, they tend to start businesses and integrate themselves into the workforce as fast as possible…"
    i liked this channel but saying this bullshit makes me feel sad…
    Look at the statistics in Germany, France, UK, Sweden most of the criminal activity is atm from the immigrants, 80-90% of rapes are from immigrants, about 70-80% of immigrants does not work only taking money from the social care. Face the facts. Not to mention what is happening with Christians in mostly muslim countries. Shame Kurzgesagt….

  5. As far as i like Kurzgesagt for its objective approach to any subject a moment when in video was mentioned '' if we wanna be remembered as cowards siting behind the walls '' was very inappropriate.

    Just two reasons why: First of all we need to think about ourselfs before anything else because many countries in Europe are still relatively poor and struggle with corrupted system or other things, they didn't get enough time to develop and cough up with other countries like Germany, UK, France etc. Second of all – Safety is big issue. Just look at the amount of attacks and criminal activities since the crisis. How countries who agreed to help refugees are now thru the years. In Sweden where i live '' No go zone '' was something unimaginable few years back to any of European, putting a huge weight on a fact that is their own country! We might say there are no borders in the world and Earth is for everyone, but people are just not ready yet.

    Because the biggest treat for all humans is racism and ignorance, both sides need to put huge effort to know, understand and respect each other, until that we cant be naive that there is gonna be love and peace. Unfortunately media focusing on building upon tragedies and making false images on both sides instead of facts and education, regular people are mostly busy to do their own research so they take the easiest fact know by general population – ''If its not ours, its bad. ''

  6. Well the first part is okay. But refeugees are normally not well educated, they have higher birth rates and even if they are dropping they aren`t dropping fast enough. Refugees are more likely to commit rape, sexual abuse, murder and theft. They are also more likely to not get a job because they can`t speak the language and/or aren`t well educated enough. And this is not an opinion it`s fact. Take Germany as an example. Refugees are 4 times more likely to murder people and 3 times more likely to rape someone. Most of them aren`t educated and those who are normally aren`t able to speak to a citizen because they can`t speak the language. And there is also a cultural / religious problem. since the eminority of muslims is growing they demand more extra rights for example anti-blasphemy laws and the end the use of sharia instead of normal laws. In no way they are enriching or positive (as a whole). And the few people who are educated enough and able to speak in the language of the state will also have problems. because of the many problematic refugees they won`t be seen as positive anymore even if they are. So everyone would profit from really checking if this refugee would be able to integrate (most aren`t) but if you demand that normally everyone will ignore you and call you a nazi. that`s not how it should work. We shouldn`t do what we most like but whats best for us. and no getting millions of unitegretable people in your country and just call everyone who tells people about the problems a nazi won`t solve it. It`s making it worse.

  7. Kurzgesagt is wrong here. The solution to the refugee crisis is to be found in Syria and around the middle east. Spreading Cultural illness and violent fake religion is not the solution for anyone. It only serves to plant seeds for tomorrows genocides.

  8. Wow, you guys were so wrong. This deserves a follow-up video, it's important you examine your faulty viewpoints and address how you could have been so wrong yet so confident in your flawed ideas.

  9. Fucking wrong bullshit there fucking parasites I will not allow my people to be taken over by these fucking misslims they shoud be able to take care of them selves like we have too and all there dpi g is steal g out jobs makeing our city's more dangerous

  10. i strongly disagree, we rob these poeple of the opportunity of building a better world where there belong, on theyr country, if they are as sick of isis, the assad, and all these interlopper, they can rise, when 2-3 million poeple riot in the same time, storm the palace and behead the dictator, it send a strong message, same for the terrorrist, any one caugh hidding a Isis member, impale him on a spike, let his own weight kill him, when they gonna see the walls of "fidels" of allah, that theyr god aint gonna protect them agains the righteous fury of the masses…. they gonna understand, and if not, there are more spike in the shed…… same with jerusalem and the palestinan, nuke this goddamn town, let make a nuclear crater of Jerusalem…. gonna finaly solve the problem, no more "its my holy town" " no its mine, my prophet live there once" " Yeah but mine died here !" ……………….

  11. Bull shit!!! These people wanted Assad out, and then the run like cowards, so let them drown, if they want to be part of another country, they need to realize that Europe fought wars like REAL men, and didn't run. With that said , I feel no sorrow for scum like any of them.

  12. The main issue with mass migration and acceptance of refugees, is that when they come they are more that likely to bring their own culture with them. By entering into another country their culture can take over that of the original countries. The refugees need to know that they have to adapt to the culture of the country they fled to, in order to preserve its rich history.

  13. The problem is, in many EU countries, massive immigration has not beneficial in the least. Parallel societies have formed, crime and lawlessness has increased, and economic strains have become more pronounced. Now many countries have just started to flat out refuse to take in more immigrants they do not want simply because Brussels told them to. Aside from this, and contrary to the views often espoused by the political far left, countries of Europe do indeed have their own distinct cultures. When you import a bunch people that quite frankly hate everything these European cultures stand for due to stone age draconian norms or religious fundamentalism, you can fully expect resentment. Shouting "racist" and calling it a day is no longer a compelling argument for many in Europe, which explains the drastic political shifts we have seen of late.

  14. how naive this video is ??? those refugees have no respect to the country that shelter them, when we start to encourage them to come like that, they start to think that is a privilege and exploit the host country !!!

  15. omg everything here is false even if minority, criminal lyxaryseekers make huge problems and it costs too much. feel happy knowing there is a chance this will get some one raped

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