Reba McEntire – Is There Life Out There coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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Music video by Reba McEntire performing Is There Life Out There. (C) 1991 MCA Nashville

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42 thoughts on “Reba McEntire – Is There Life Out There coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. I have a friend battling breast cancer right now and she is not eligible fr chemo nor radiation…… She literally knows this is it and it is hurting her so bad …. Lord please be with my dear friend…….. She just wants some living

  2. My life isn't out there anymore. I used to think moved to fast, and wondered if i ever let myself have that time. I met my husband early and had a family soon after. But no my,life is right here with my two beautiful baby girls and my wonderful supporting husband. My life was going,nowhere until I met him, i got a family, and my associates degree, I couldn't have done it with out my family. My,life is right where it needs to be.

  3. Huey Lewis! Love his music.
    He portrayed a very dedicated, patient husband. Too bad many husbands aren't this way. Some wives, too.
    I love the older songs and music videos. They make sense.
    Not like today's generic crap.

  4. I've been feeling like this lately I just go to work & be home with my kids trying to make up for their dads not being here for them like they should be. But I've lost myself & I dont know who I am anymore other then a mother.

  5. beautiful song reminds me of me going through college with 6 kids i never finished git a job at chrysler been there 25 years but hoping to go back get my degree only need4 classes to go but i put my kids first and Reba your right is there life out there im battling cancer and its hard but i hope i will purseue my dream and be like you is there life out there

  6. I give every woman credit !! I love my momma! And I really think Reba had a great message in this song and video. If You work hard n are a good responsible person you will reap the benefits of a beautiful life.

  7. Reba is an inspiration to so many women and country music in general. She is beautiful. Anyone see her with Carrie Underwood at the Grand Ol Opery? MUST WATCH. She will forever be a a legend!

  8. I was in college and was close to graduation. 2 months left). My (ex-)husband up and left state one day, leaving me with two small children to take care of alone. I dropped out and could not return in time. The school is now shut down and moved out of state. Always wondered if my life would of gotten better if I could of graduated.

  9. I loved this song on the radio, growing up, but this video brings a whole new layer to it. And, for that matter, I got the feeling of it being more "yearning for greener pastures" or something, like a more loveless marriage or something, but this video really drives home the mixed feelings, the way that life can be hard even when people are trying to support you, and the way that you can want to shift the course of your life even when it's a pretty good (if stressful) life.

    Drives home that "doesn't want to leave" line as not merely being too scared or unadventurous to move on, but honestly wanting to keep what she has, but still wanting a little more, a little change. It's so much more nuanced than the mental version I grew up on; that's what I love about these videos.

  10. Watching this in 2018 as a momma with two babies and quite a few similarities. Thank you for being such a wonderful story teller and making your work relatable as well as timeless! Love me some Reba!!

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