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23 thoughts on “Only Way to Break Plateaus coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. This is for real. When I started going to the gym 2 years ago, I can only bench 95. When I got someone to go with from the class that I’m attending, within 3 months I went to 155. Wish I didn’t stop for a year. Now I’m on 115 again.

  2. Cheers for the video content! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you ever tried – Millawdon Muscles Mountain Trick (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good exclusive guide for learning an effective strength training program to get fast results minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my best friend Jordan got amazing success with it.

  3. when i first started working out consistently, i avoided free weight bench for the first year. i was scared of 135…yes lol…when i was 14 or so i had tried and failed with 135..i finally decided to do it and it was EASY. ended up getting 170? i think that day…mental block had been holding me back for years

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