NEW Bio X4 Review 2018: Does This Product Really Work? coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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The Truth About The Ketogenic Diet (view mobile) coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

42 thoughts on “NEW Bio X4 Review 2018: Does This Product Really Work? coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. My wife has been taking this for 2 1/2 months now and she wants me to order more for her. She’s happy with the results. She’s 54 and has had trouble loosing weight for the last 3 yrs. She has changed nothing but using bio x4 and she is now loosing weight. I guess we will be buying more soon. Wish it was cheaper though.

  2. Heres a tip to avoid autoships.
    If a company will allow you to pay via paypal, your autoship subscription will be made with your paypal account.

    Once you are enrolled, and your order has been shipped, go into your paypal settings, and simply cancel the 'autoship authorization' that is attached to your account.

  3. Check out the website for diets in review. They don't even bother to identify their trusted "experts" who advise them. They only say their experts are from various universities (they show the school logos!) and no names, just a list of medical acronyms they say their anonymous experts have earned (like a MD)! Diets in Review just wants to direct you to their no. 1 diet pick which they probably get kick backs for. Stick with Consumer Reports.

  4. I £ike This Man~ He Makes Me Want To Believe And Trust Him!


  5. But I do appreciate that you let people know about how if you but it from their website then they put you on an automatic , send it to you every month and take it out of your bank account every month because I DO NOT like that! That is bs! But I would just buy it somewhere else!!! That doesn't make it a bad product and I truly hope the company is standing by their promises and/or guarantees.

  6. Unbelievable. If you are truly interested in learning whether or not a product like this would be beneficial for your health why would you waste your precious time watching videos like this from somebody you don't know (or any other clown for that matter)? Just invest a little time asking people you know if they or anybody they know takes it. I did. I found somebody in less than a half hour. Ended up talking briefly with 3 different people. Doesn't matter what they said, not going into detail when you can get it straight from the horse's mouth yourself. I will say this, nothing but the most positive things were said. Enough so that I'm going to try it.

  7. Sigh. Trying to research this sort of thing is really quite frustrating. The creators of these types products always use the same sales techniques, wherein they confidently target key issues with our typical modern-day food sources and detail the science behind how the product is supposed to work. And hey, that's great! I want to know how a product really works before I buy it! But the problem here is that the typical consumer lacks the resources to actually confirm the validity of the information we've been lead to believe. So what do we do? We look towards the people who do this sort of research professionally. We get on YouTube with hopes of finding accurate information and reviews about the supplement. Then we find a video just like this one. His attire aside, this man appears to professionally and realistically talk down the claims that the creator of this product has made. At this point, viewers are grateful that they found this video. "Thank god I didn't waste my money trying this product." The views start to pile up. And why wouldn't they? The product in question is advertised very well, reaching many thousands of potential customers and everyone wants to do the smart thing and do their research! Currently, this video currently has 84,566 views. That may not seem like a lot when it compare it to Charlie Bit My Finger, but for just one of many hundreds of dietary supplement pills, it's a massive amount of views especially from a business standpoint. At the end of this video, the man suggests watching another video by this channel. It's supposedly a "Best Of" list compiling all the supplements that "are truly the best for weight loss." Our first instinct would be to jump to whichever equates to #1 on the list. Right? But can we really trust that this isn't just some ploy to divert consumers from one unverified, controversial product to another? Perhaps this channel is paid off to deceivingly showcase a product for the highest bidder. Maybe the channel itself has their own product hiding in plain sight. Hey, maybe it's legitimate. But there is one thing that I'm absolutely certain of: I cannot truly verify this information without the proper tools, skills, and experience. And I don't intend to more or less change the course of my career just to double check that I'm not wasting $50 on a bottle of pills. That said, we are vulnerable. Many of us take the plunge. "Well, I'll know it works if I try it and it starts working!" Maybe it works. Maybe it's placebo. Maybe it isn't working but you keep taking it because you really want to give it a chance. Maybe it didn't work but next year you find yourself captivated by a new voice of confidence on the screen and you buy THAT product. Wrapping this up: What a drag…

  8. I do not mind trying the stuff but when they start talking monthly draft. No thanks. Been there done that. If it works as good as they claim, then why a monthly charge. When I hear that they were doing this, I decided to pass it up.

  9. I love Bio x4 it’s sad to see a lot of negative comments sorry 😐 for those who didn’t experience any benefit s from this. I been taking this since February was 222 pounds now I’m at 204. I love seeing my slim body in the mirror 🙂 this product has changed my life I’m forever grateful to Dr. Amy Lee. Also I’ve never had any issues with their customer services if I did it quickly got resolved with a friendly positive attitude. They were happy to answer any n all of my questions and one time my order was incorrect but they solved it beyond my expectations. They sent me the wrong bottle let me keep it free of charge and shipped me the right one because they didn’t want me to use my money to return the wrong bottle! So I’m extremely happy I’m still taking it and will always 😎👍🏼❤️ I know a lot of ppl on here been saying it’s too good to be true well it’s definitely the real deal I’m living proof believe and think what you want but until you try it you won’t understand peace ✌️

  10. I saw the original video by Dr. Amy Lee, and her 4 solutions where:
    1. a pill
    2. a pill
    3. a pill
    4. green tea
    That already seemed a little off that you would need multiple pills to improve your overall health. Then she revealed a product BioX4 which of course was her product(red flags) going at $49(damn that's pricey) for one bottle. Amazingly this product has all 4 solutions(which requires multiple pills) in 1 convenient pill(seems too good to be true). Now I'm hearing people having problems getting refunds and being put into an auto refill plan without them knowing? Yeah…..smells like BS. Not calling her a liar, I'm just extremely skeptical with all the red flags popping; the whole sketchy people having trouble with refunds and the secret auto refill don't help either.

  11. I'm 59 and for close to 2 years I've been dealing with on and off belly pain, the area just below my belly button. I had no idea if it was my diet or what. I started taking the probiotic Align and it really helped a lot but still the pain would return. Last September I came across a video for Bio X4 and as desperate as I was to end the pain I ordered it. To my relief it has virtually ended the pain even better than Align. Every now and then I have a relapse for about 12 hours but that only occurs every other month or so. A definite improvement of living from day to day with that pain. It is not cheap though, $129 for three bottles, but to be pain free it is worth it.

  12. Yeast is not a bacteria. Yeast is eukaryotic. A real MD would know this so who are these people really? Good salesmen and that’s all.Caralluma might also lead to gas and constipation, issues this product claims to resolve. My “bathroom habits” were normal and after taking this product, have changed for the worse. I am also just as hungry and bloated. I believe this product is just a bunch of starch, no probiotics. I am going to test it in my micro lab for actual bacteria counts and compare it to Activia, a product that they claim is pasteurized with few active cultures.

  13. My husband I are doing the leaky gut diet…and although we hoped we would lose weight we really were taking it for immune system issues. To our utter amazement we have both lost around 20 lbs in about 6 weeks. So I can say that if combined with a diet (in our case, easily digestible food) we have been amazed.

  14. I’ve been on it for 2 weeks now and I like it! I’m not hungry and it’s given me energy that I didn’t have. I was taking naps everyday and now I don’t feel the need to. So, I think it’s just like anything else, works for some but not for others. I will keep taking it till it quits working.

  15. Glad I saw this before I ordered … hate it when it automatic! First … know new customer would make an automatic scheduled with out at testing to make sure it works? Second … if the company has to sneak in an automatic scheduled then that's just a plain shady business! So now Dr. Amy Lee is just as bad as the food industry that!

  16. So I got to ask…Why is "John" wearing a "Doctors" or Labcoat?…hmmm, I am sure he is a great guy,,, however, is he a doctor or Micro Biologist, actor?…my question is, what are his credentials to talk about this stuff? second confusing detail, He is in an office type setting and what seems to be degrees or certs on the wall and a badge on his coat, but nowhere are there any references, markings on this page or the Diet in Review website of this guy and why he is wearing this coat. Furthermore, there are no credentials in the discription nor on the DR site to review dietary supplements. I am not trying to shoot holes in the website or video but don't pretend that you are a board certified dietary physician, or even a physician minus the board certification, people make assumptions based on what they see at face value. Here is what else I found…Diets in is owned by Media Refined who’s annual revenue is reported between 150K and $1M with 2 to 4 employees and are either in Brooklyn or Connecticut. Which is owned (or a better term is “Managed”) by a guy that goes by Jim Crews and an unnamed partner(s) who deliver “project-based consultation for digital, social and search strategies.” i.e.; "Internet Marketing" all this information I found in 20 min on the internet…my point here is that nothing is as it seems at face value, I am skeptical of all when it comes to my diet, health, and my life…I've only got one of these vessels to live in so please don't add more confusion to an already complicated process and with a subject that is different for each human. We are all different genetically so one solution may not work for the masses…i.e.; one size fits all concept. My point here is, get a journal, try a couple of things figure out what works for you…there are no quick fixes…and above all exercise is the only constant in the vast Diet differences that must be "THE" staple. Just my thoughts and observations…I could be wrong.

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