Mark Wills – Don’t Laugh At Me coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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Music video by Mark Wills performing Don’t Laugh At Me. (C) 1998 Mercury Records

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46 thoughts on “Mark Wills – Don’t Laugh At Me coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. i always told the men and women who worked for me to NEVER LAUGH at people always laugh with them. they understood i was the BOATS who grew up being laughed at all the time. Everyone was treated EQUAL. NO MATTER where they come from or what they believed in, it did not mean we would talk and discuss why hey believed in what they believed in.

  2. Reminds me of my childhood, with my mental disability called Auspburgers or how ever it's spelled it's a mild from of autism so I was socially awkward still am a bit but as a child I was teased and made fun of a lot and didn't have any friends really even though some people called me a friend. So I can relate to this video.

  3. I was bullied in 5th grade and i just listen to this song to cheer me up
    I had an overbite in 5thgrade thats why people look at me weird and i just try to ingore them but sometimes they ask me about my teeth thats rude

  4. As a 21 year old with a rare disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and am now in a wheelchair my long time friends don’t even want me around anymore cause I slow them down and people make fun of me for the way I walk

  5. To the 2.9k that disliked this song I pray y'all never had to go through what the rest of us went through. This song is such an amazing song with real meaning behind it. Definitely got me through a lot.

  6. So true. I have a traumatic brane injury. Resected part of my brane. Titanium plate screwed to the right side of my skull. Have a really bad memory. Get confused, lost………. easily. Don't remember what day week, etc……. Didn't even remember it was November 27th, my birthday. This situation is hard enough for me to cope with. Going to the store…….. forgetting what I'm looking for…….Asking for help that seems easy to many……. Wife took me to the bank to deposit a check. Forgot what bills I needed. Looked at a note I had written in case that happened. Bank teller looked at me but was not able to keep from laughing…….. Already have enough personal issues dealing with this. Didn't need the 'giggle'……..

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