Keto Snack Ideas! Healthy Snack Ideas! coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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Hey friends! In my last what I eat in a day video I had quite a few requests to share all the Keto Friendly Snacks I personally love. These are the things I will gravitate towards if I need something sweet or something thats quick to grab and go! Even if you aren’t on the Keto Diet you can still enjoy these healthy alternatives to some of your favorite sweets and treats!

Things Mentioned:
Fat Snax Cookies
Smart Sweets (Berry)
Smart Sweets (Assorted Pack)
Good Fats
Plant Based Good Fats
Trader Joes Chocolate Bars

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33 thoughts on “Keto Snack Ideas! Healthy Snack Ideas! coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. This is really disappointing to see. I almost died of Anorexia last year, and am now going to school to be a registered dietitian. It is not your fault, but the diet culture's. We are trained to associate keto with automatically being "healthy", when in actuality, it is starving your body of key nutrients and macro molecules. Carbohydrates are our bodies preferred source of energy, so when you deplete your body of them, you become less energized (giving you less successful workouts), and more easily injured, and also can result in an increase in depression etc. You are a kind person with an important platform. Please be cautious about what you put out there. These uploads could start an eating disorder for one of your viewers. All love, just wanted to give anyone reading this insight.

  2. My faaave keto snacks are cold bacon with peanut butter, halloumi with mashed avocado, and the salami whips (looooooong skinny salami strings) from Farm Boy!
    I also love to make Everything Bagel almonds buy tossing raw almonds with egg white and tons of Everything Bagel seasoning, and baking until firm! Delicious, and easy to keep in a bag in the purse, car, or desk!

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