Jordan Peterson – You Need a Routine! coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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Psychology Professor Jordan B. Peterson stresses the importance of a schedule and a stable social life for mental health.

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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos:

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50 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson – You Need a Routine! coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. Eat your breakfast, spend your time productively, try to listen, be honest, learn how to negotiate, learn how to express what you want and need, think strategically with your career, and…. get a boyfriend.

  2. He's given me more lessons than any man in my life ever has… With teary eyes I say thank you Dr. JBP. Thank you for trying to be a guide we didn't deserve but we urgently needed.

    You've changed me, and I don't even know you. Boy, your grandchildren sure will be lucky.

  3. He is so right! My issue is focusing on one thing my whole life: grades .. if I had to go back and live my youth, I would def spend more time on ppl than on books. Routine is one word but I think balance is a better suited word here. To all the young ppl, don’t only look for success, look for a good life where you have one friend to express yourself or one partner to accept you. You need the 6 things Jordan laid out in this lecture. Trust me , I regret not talking to girls. Not because of sex, but because it helps you get an understanding of women

  4. I've just come to the conclusion my dad didn't really teach me any life lessons. He was a good hearted man, absolutely loved him but he literally didn't teach me any of this. He was a ball of stress stuck in his own head.

  5. this video is older than 2017 because Jordan dresses like his is paid as much as a grad student in this one. In his later vid's, he wears tailored suits, shirts, and pants.

  6. I have a real love hate relationship with Jordan Peterson lectures … when he’s not being a complete drama queen provocateur, he has some excellent nuggets of wisdom to share! He’s someone you have to listen to with filter. Savour the good, and roll your eyes at the know-it-all soundbite nonsense

  7. To be healthy and happy, we do not need an external schedule or hierarchy, and we do NOT need children. What we do need is internal structure, goals and discipline. The keystones to physical health are water, sleep, nutrition, movement and relaxation. Physical and mental health are closely related. Dis-ease of the mind creates disease in the body and vice versa.

  8. I'm just starting to adopt an actual routine. It's ridiculously therapeutic. Also as a night owl I get up at 9-9:30am and it's taken me a while to stop feeling guilty about it but damn it I haven't changed in 30 years I'm not likely to change now!

  9. Can anybody explain to me what JP has said that hasn't already been said by another before? I get the impression that because of his high status in his profession people don't question him enough or at all. A systematic error in thinking many of us can be subject to.

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