Is the Ketogenic Diet a Good Way To Lose Weight? #AskMario 19 coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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Is the Ketogenic Diet a Good Way To Lose Weight? #AskMario 19


The Truth About The Ketogenic Diet (view mobile) coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

15 thoughts on “Is the Ketogenic Diet a Good Way To Lose Weight? #AskMario 19 coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. Mario im a big fan BUT Keto is for athletes you are not an athletes you are a bodybuilder, athletes like fighters, runners, crossfitters and many more needs to preform in competitions, they gonna go keto otherwise they will fuck up thier conditioning

  2. I lost 70 pounds with the keto approach. My experience is if you have a problem with carbs/insulin/blood sugar then this is the way to go until you are cured. I also found I lose energy if I am on the keto diet too long then I must re-feed every few weeks to re-gain my energy. Younger athletes can get by eating carbs but as you age you will learn that carbs are not your friend. But keto does work just ask Lebron James. Once on keto and your hormones are under control then count calories to lose weight

  3. If you don't have pumps on keto and you are flat and small, then you are low on electrolytes. I made the same mistake at first. Now I don't see any difference between carbs and keto in terms of pump and size and I am building muscle on keto. For me keto is very sustainable and I feel great, and on carbs it was the opposite. My diet of choice.

  4. In my opinion, the best diet is the one you feel best on and that can vary over time. Last year I was 4 months on Keto -70 -80% fat and 20-255 protein and max 50 grams of carbs.

    I felt amazing, lost 8 kilos, lost 13 centimeters of my waistline and even got some strength gains (10 kilos up in bench press, and 5 kilos on pull ups and 20 kilos on squat and dead lifts). On the muscle gains, I cannot say because I was in a slight deficit , but since I was making some progress with weight, i could have gained some muscle, at least int he beginning.

    i was super energized whole day, I even stopped during that time coffee , because I was energies from awaking till going to sleep again. Mental clarity and mood was super high. I was under supervision of a clinical researcher (friend of mine) because I was skeptical about cholesterol levels, even though she has shown me some quite promising researches that when carbs are lower than 100 grams , it`s fine and even beneficial to HDL. Even on days where i have eater more than the calories I maintain (200 calories, not more) I have continued to lose fat or drop in weight).

    Now I`m still on high fat, but not that high – 35-40 % and more protein – 30% , but I usually respond better to higher fats. High carbs make me dizzy and only give me short term energy.

    What I found rly good for myself is though, 10 days of rly high fat 80% and max 50 grams of carbs and on every 10th day carb reefed – 40% -60% carbs, proteins is stable 2–2.5 grams of protein and resit is fats. For me it even enhances fat loss .

  5. Mario Sir I am From India
    Sir I am Following Keto Diet ..and sir i have one Ques.

    sir sprinkle a Salt.. in my Meal will it Harm My Body.. i mean in keto i read in many article i dont have to reduce a salt Intake..

    sir you are very educated in this field please tell me I am Waiting .. sir : )

    god bless u : )

  6. Hi Mario. My experience with the ketogenic diet years ago, was that it zapped my energy levels in a way that I felt physically horrible. For me, definitely not worth it, and not sustainable. My workouts suffered very much, not to mention my mental and emotional states. You have a sensible balanced approach which makes me feel amazing on all levels, so it would be crazy to change what is definitely working for me. What is the saying? If something does not need fixing, then why fix it? Brilliant! Thanks, Helen

  7. hi Mario good morning , hope the weekend is going well for you 🙂

    compared to let's say an 80-20 flexible dieting approach where your achieving your macro and micro nutrient requierments as well as achieving your caloric intake target … in terms of gaining muscle and / or losing fat, what are the potential benefits that a ketogenic diet (with the same amount of calories and protein as the example above) can provide for a natural lifter which the model illustrated above cannot provide ?

    by the way, I might have said before that I really like the "yo" introduction you utilize in your older videos, I should start the hashtag #bringbacktheyo ! 😀 ha

  8. sorry to tell you but cycle ketogenic diet for month is not ketogenic diet, its far from being fat adapted and the time to teach your body use ketones.. also the cyclying is a bad way to get into ketosis. not every version of low carb diet with refeads is ketogenic diet. try it for at least 6 months as a way of life with no carb loading and then you would understand the power of being in deep ketosis. btw nice channel your aproach remined Menno Henselmans aproach, and i think he is the best in the physic coaching. sorry for my bad english and have a good day.

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