49 thoughts on “I CRASHED MY SCOOTER in BALI! (sorry mom) coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. You're a fucking idiot riding like that. My girlfriend spent a month in hospital because a fucking wanker of a tourist gave her a lift and was messing around on his scooter trying to impress her.
    Hopefully you'll break some bones without hurting anyone else and grow up soon.

  2. Conner, I wish to thank you for your videos. They are an valuable source of information. Information about where not to go in Bali if one wishes to avoid witnessing bule-fresh-off-the-boat shananigans.

  3. Just don't ride like you are the center of the world and whole Bali people should get out of the way for you. More patience and more respect for other human beings and your travels would be better dude. Thanks for the vlog tho.

  4. Get a better bike dude, that is just too light weight and don't press the front brake too hard when leaning on corners. And yea don't overtake on corners. Ride safe

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