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23 thoughts on “I am a Starting Strength Coach coupon discount promotional codes 2019

  1. Alan I'm planning on opting in for the SSC any quick tips on what to really harp on studying for the essays or is it a free for all on the material. Thanks and congrats on the cerification👍

  2. Hi Alan i have a question about atg
    I got injured on my left ankle so my left mobility is lower than right side
    Because of this i cant do atg for year
    I really wanna learn weightlifting(snatch clean such things) but i cant do atg
    I actually saw some people do full squat but not atg while doing weightlifting
    I also can do full so is it ok to use full instead of atg?

  3. Dude, congrats. I'm usually very wary of YouTube fitness channels even if the host of which seems to be knowledgeable and practical regardless of credentials. However now that you're starting strength coach I feel much better about forwarding your videos to people that I coach. Your channel has officially become a trusted source.

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