How To Treat Autoimmune Disease Naturally with Dr. Brad Gorski and Ari Whitten coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease such as thyroid deficiency or hormonal imbalance? Are you taking medication that isn’t helping your symptoms, much less their causes? Then you are not alone! In fact, autoimmune disease rates are skyrocketing currently. So, what causes autoimmune disease, and can it be treated naturally?

In this episode, we get the answers to these questions and more as I speak with Dr. Brad Gorski. He is the founder of Gorski Health Solutions and “Turned On Living holistic lifestyle coaching”. Dr. Gorski has written his own nutrition programs, worked with the US wrestling and judo teams, and hosted the Autoimmune Paradox Summit.

In this episode, Dr. Gorski shares his expertise on the root causes of autoimmune diseases and how to treat them with alternative, holistic solutions. Tune in to get some helpful tips for optimizing your health while living with autoimmune

In this episode, Dr. Gorski will cover
– Methods to treat autoimmune disease naturally
– Why a water filter in your shower is a MUST HAVE. (The reason will shock you!)
– How does your gut health affect autoimmune disease?
– The key role toxins play in causing autoimmune disease
– An uncommon therapy that can help treating autoimmune disease (It is one of Ari’s favorites!)
– Are you are getting your necessary nutrients for optimum health?
– Why fasting should be part of your weekly routine
– The best tools for preventing autoimmune disease

How To Treat Autoimmune Disease Naturally with Dr. Brad Gorski – Show Notes

What the “Turned On Living” program is (1:32)
How autoimmune disease affects you on a physiological level (6:59)
The root causes of autoimmune disease (8:40)
Nutrition and diet and autoimmune disease (15:13)
Lectins, gluten and autoimmune disease (17:42)
Healing autoimmune disease through fasting (22:10)
Why you need to look at gut health when treating autoimmune disease (27:03)
Why you need to clear toxins from your environment (31:49)
Why you need a water filter in your shower (34:25)
Why red light therapy is a key component in natural treatment of autoimmune disease (43:41)
The connection between faith and healing (45:06)


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