How Body Stress Affects You & Where It Accumulates! coupon discount promotional codes 2019

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Body Stress is the physical tension or residue of tightness or contraction that gets stuck in the body.
But in reality, it’s not something that is stuck. It is the body’s reaction to stress that is stuck. The body experiences some overwhelming stress and reacts by tightening its muscles. This tightness then continues to stay tight long after the stress. This is an inappropriate body reaction.
Body stress is a tightness that will not let go and relax. In other words, the body is stuck in guarding or protection mode. The body will continue to react to trauma and other stress long after the stress is gone. The body or brain has lost its control over the body part that is reacting to stress much like a house that blew a fuse. Sustained stress for a long time, overwhelming stress or a sudden shock or injury tends to create this chronic tension.
Where does stress accumulate in the body?

 Around the injury
 Around the infection (sinus, throat, chest)
 Around the heart
 Around the gallbladder
 Abdomen
 Adrenal gland area (anterior and posterior)
 Flight or fight area (in the mid-back)
 Upper neck area to back of skull
 Under the clavicle area
 Areas of over strain (feet, back, etc.)

Body Stress is form of body protection. The body is stopping motion so as to avoid getting hurt again. If you pull your muscle, the body will then, afterwards, protect the muscle by keeping it contracted or tight. Of course, this only has a short term benefit. There is no long term benefit. It’s an inappropriate action because the danger is long gone.

Acupressure is our tool of removing inappropriate body tension (stress).
Chronic stress from multiple injuries, emotional upsets and losses, pregnancies or infections or even sustained environmental stress over time can accumulate in the body.

Physical body stress can be measured through our testing. Over time, as stress accumulates, it can create all sorts of health problems including extra weight gain. The adrenal hormone called cortisol has as one of its functions to store fat in the belly and is triggered by stress.

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Dr. Berg, 51 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods.












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47 thoughts on “How Body Stress Affects You & Where It Accumulates! coupon discount promotional codes 2019

  1. Hey Dr Berg, I’m a member of your Keto & IF lab. I could really benefit from acupressure. Could you refer me to a clinic in my area that does this stress pulling technique. I live in North Alabama & can drive to Gadsden, Birmingham or Huntsville. Thanks, Rhonda LPTA

  2. I have the feeling of impending doom. Each day I know for a fact I'm going to die that day. (Logically this is stupid) but it's how I feel and I can't get help because I'll lose my job.

  3. I have hep c got any ideas what to eat to help the liver besides garlic lemon or green tea. I take milk thistle and drink cranberry sometimes. Ive had hep c for 25 years, I dont want to get liver cancer.😊

  4. 66 years old and a life of specific stressors has worn me down a bit. So I am doing yoga at night before I go to bed…this is improving my insomnia. But my forehead muscles, particularly between the eyes were badly stuck..causing headaches and I looked cranky even when I was feeling good. No amount of relaxation helped. So I had Botox in those deep furrows. Immediate relief. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted. My overall stress levels reduced. Amazing that so much of my total stress had accumulated in that small area. It creeps up on you. Pity we aren’t exposed to Doctor Bergs explanations so much earlier in life. Thank you.

  5. Eric if you can please help me I would really appreciate it. I unfortunately believe that I have injured my costal muscle area near my chest and it hurts near the sternum and also the joint and tendon areas connecting my left shoulder on left side. It feels like a burning pain. Ive been to chiropractors, I have tried DMSO, all natural homeopathic remedies, and massages. I believe that I have some pretty severe chostocondritis. Terrible pain. Although I have full range of motion, so I know theres no complete tears. I just dont understand how to heal this.

  6. You’re explaining everything that I’m going through, my older brother who’s a transient with mental illness has been missing for 5 months and the stress of searching for him and worrying about his ware about has caused my blood to be in so much pain especially on my chest😥 I have gained so much weight even though I don’t eat much. Thank you so much Doctor I really appreciate all that you do☺️

  7. I have reactive hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, mercury toxicity. when my blood sugar drops I might get a headache, when I drunk alcohol I had the headache for 2 days, it felt like pressure in my head. The other day I ate way too many almond nuts and since then sometimes I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and now my ribs and sternum feel weak like a slight pain why is this?

  8. I did that. I was 8 years old and I shot my right big toe while wearing PF Flyers, just to see how bad it would feel.

    It didn't feel good. Then I shot a little bird, just to do it. It died in my hand. I showed it to my mother and she said: Aw," just as it stopped twitching. I was appalled at what I had done.

    That was a transformational experience for me. Since then I've spent my life being good to animals.

  9. Can you do a video on people who work the night shift on how it effects your body. Especially if you're over 50. How the person should eat on that shift. I'm having problems on that issue. Thank you.

  10. Love you! Thx for what you are doing for people! It's comforting to know there is an advocate out there for the good of folks. We need more of this type education, and I sure hope medical doctors will one day soon, begin to break away from big pharma, see the error in much of allopathic practitioning, and begin caring enough to truly healing people. 😀

  11. In the last 3 years I have gained a granddaughter but almost lost my daughter, lost my mother and older sister as well as 2 old family dogs and have just been made redundant in my long term job as well as miscellaneous others stresses. Is this normal? I know I'm not alone with stress but is this abnormal in life? All of the places that hold stress are affected. It's tough but I do try a lot of your techniques and they seem to help for a a while. I think I just have to accept that life can be rough sometimes. For some more than others I guess.

  12. Thank you SSSOOOOO much!! For about a year, I was getting quality massage therapy and that did wonders! It gave me the best sleep! I'm looking forward to seeing your video on how low impact exercises can help with stress!

  13. Thanks Dr. Berg. I tried Hijama (aka wet Chinese cups) and they fixed my stress and sleeping problems completely. Highly recommended, but would appreciate a video on it from Dr. Berg.

  14. Hey Eric, what type of diet would you recommend for somebody having adrenal stress and is low weight/underweight ? Ketosis seems great for people who have fat tissue to burn but without any fat you will become reliant on your fats from food (correct me if i am wrong). Gaining weight would require calorie surplus but if you have trouble digesting fat then that would cause even more stress on the body right ?

  15. I have pretty much EVERYTHING you've talked about in this video. Old injuries to everything else! Thank you for posting such great vids to remind us of this. I tend to forget why I'm in so much pain every cotton pickin day. lol

  16. Dr berg, u are an 😇, truly u have helped me by making me more aware of the important amounts of vegetables we need daily, I've listened to most of ur videos. thank u so very much. I've lost 12 pounds in two months by following ur advice and I'm diabetic. not doing keto diet cause it's hard I think I have gout, will be going to dr this week. can u plz do a video on gout. oh the guy who sleeps 4 hrs daily, u better sleep eight or ur going to get real sick and die eventually. Sleep is very important, very, very.

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