Gundry MD Scam – Dr Kahn vs Dr Gundry on The Doctors coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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Gundry MD Scam. Dr. Gundry on The Doctors. Are beans good for you? Dr. Joel Kahn vs. Gundry MD. Are beans bad for you? Are beans good for weight loss? Are beans fattening? Beans health benefits. Do you need to pressure cook beans? The plant Paradox diet.

Are beans healthy? Yes.

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Yes, beans are very healthy. Beans and legumes are affordable, high in protein and fiber and may have blood sugar stabilizing effects. Avoid The Fad diet trap. Subscribe for more.

Full segment of dr. Khan and dr. gundry on the doctors

Full interview of dr. Joel Kahn on the Rich Roll podcast


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32 thoughts on “Gundry MD Scam – Dr Kahn vs Dr Gundry on The Doctors coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. Gundry makes people very sick then create work for himself and other cardiologist so all these jackals can make money while already super rich!!
    Those people who die after heart surgery get their hearts extracted and sold to criminal cartels dealing in stolen organs!!!!
    This is how this man makes his fortune!!!!!!
    Just look at him and there is dollar sign in every eye!! Sparkling and shining dollar sign!!!!

  2. Dr. Gundry is great! Everything I ordered helped just the way he said it would & I am going to order more tonight! Also, the dark spot remover worked PERFECT! I was astonished! I trust Dr. Gundry & feel this Doctor (?) & others are just jealous & are nothing but Gundry-wanna-B's!

  3. Hi… My two cents. This my own experience. I have had heart problems for years . Have been taken a pill for angina $150. month after the insurance because I'm allergic to the patch adgesive. After 3 or 4 month of taking dr. Grundy's vital red
    I don't need to take my angina pill any more. Plus even got better reports with my heart doctor even better colesterol report.
    And yes, I have lost 8 pounds without even trying. Yes is easy to put somebody down but there are always people who knows better.

  4. The fact that gundry has a line of products which benefit his bottom line, made me question his motives. I've never had a problem with canned beans or peanut oil upsetting my stomach. I love tomatoes and won't give them up because he says we should.

  5. Fascinating how many comments still defend a known scam artist who made his fortune selling bogus $$$ products and phoney books where the studies he quotes don't even back up his lies! People who love to hear what they want to believe and reject the science need to wake up and open their eyes and minds, you are being taken advantage of and mislead!

  6. I gave up sugar. I follow a low carb high fat diet. Eat eggs almost daily, small amounts of meat, lots of fish and liberal amounts of olive oil and butter. I am 75 , look 10 years younger and have no health issues. This way of eating obviously suits me. Am not sure about Dr Gundry though.

  7. The book has been out for some time now. I read it a year ago and I came here to find comments others have made after being on it for a length of time. My opinion is most diets work for the first few weeks/months,but then the weight is gained back. I found Dr.Gundry's diet plan to be way too restrictive to stay on for a long time-way too many foods you can't eat and the foods you can eat are not varied enough.Almost every meal including snacks incorporate avocados which i can't stand. I would call this diet the "Nothing left to eat Diet" or the "Avocado Diet" because there is simply nothing left that is acceptable to eat. And their marketing dept. will hound you to hell and back trying to get you to buy all kinds of overpriced products- do not give them your phone number or email. You will regret it if you do.

  8. I've been reading the plant paradox and I find some good dietary advice that I'm trying. I always listen to my body & Brain and how it reacts to foods. for example, my body and brain functions better when I only eat grains once or twice a week and the same with sugar. I thought I'd go "Lectin Free" for a few months and see if I noticed a difference. I don't have Gut issues. my issues are body inflammation, fatigue and brain fog. Grains/ sugar trigger my issues if I eat them several days in a row. I haven't noticed any issues with beans
    One red flag with Dr Gundry is his very expensive supplements he pushes. That said, I don't think he is a quack or a complete scam, maybe a bit greedy trying to push those ridiculously expensive supplements
    People need to use common sense when trying out these diets

  9. The flippant comment about "five beans a day will kill you" told me all I need to know about Dr. Kahn. Both he and the host of the podcast fall into the classic textbook example of "if it doesn't fit my belief system, it must be not just wrong, but evil!" I've listened to and read multiple rebuttals of Dr. Gundry's research. The vast majority of them simply take bits of his information and try to dispute it without context. The other giveaway is when they besmirch anyone for having a profit based business connected with their research results. As we all know, all profit motivation is evil and all not-for profit is pure as the driven snow. And if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'm willing to sell cheap.

  10. PLACE YOUR CONFIDENCE ONLY IN YOUR OWN BODY. All these popular diets have little or nothing to do with health, only weight loss.Your body cannot lie. End cold and flu and 100+ inflammatory symptoms. For at least five years straight. That's the acid test for REAL health, and any diet.

  11. Was watching one of Dr. Gundry videos it kept going on and on and on But never got to the point as this always makes me believe that it's definitely a SCAM of money 💵.
    The video went on for so long I went to sleep and woke up and it was still on. I still don't know what this diet is about.

  12. I don't understand what all of the hype is all about, now the only problem I see with Dr Gundry is the price of his products I have been using his products for over two years I have had wonderful results with his Tri Trim Multipack A bit pricey yes but the results are amazing I have been taking the dose packs twice a day with 8 oz's of water thirty minutes befor breakfast and dinner.In the past year I have gone from 237 pounds to 185 pounds not amazing results but to me it is I have been trying to lose weight for 5 years since small cell cancer on my left kidney It was removed and with not being active for over a year I gained over 50 pounds. Now since loosing that weight I feel better than I have in over 30 years I forgot to mention I am 65 years old I am sorry for my rantings but I just had to defend him.

  13. Anybody who recommends that people eat a lot of grains, beans, potatoes etc has to have some kind of brain problem! Or is evil. Yeah, Gundry makes money with his pills and I don't do pills or any supplements and I DESPISE his marketing (which is why I looked him up). But his advice to eat berries is EXCELLENT and so is his advice to fast. In fact, fasting is the best thing you can do for your health — which is why so many religion include fasts.

    I've been doing a 20 hour fast most days for months and it's fantastic. Not wasting precious day time on food prep and eating and have a lot more energy eating NO potatoes, grains and high fat (loads of whipped cream and ice cream). Everybody is different and you just have to see what works for YOUR body.

  14. Your right! What does Hippocrates know any way! He's only the father of MEDICINE!  So,    Dr. Kahn,  please go on an all lectin diet and eat all the corn, beans, and legumes you want, till they fix you good.  Dr. Kahn, please take your beliefs, opinions, and your knowledge base and fly it like a kite in your uniformed sky. The planet earth does not need any more uneducated "DOCTORS" who do not know the truth of what they are talking about. Just because some of your patients get better, doesn't mean that you know what your talking about. So, if you get results that are (50% win – 50% lose) then you don't have a clue what's happening in your patients bodies, like most "doctors".  Come to think of it, I found that I get a 50% success rate also, and I'm not even a doctor, go figure. Please stick to your specialized field of pretending that you heal people and leave the truth to the adults that can SEE and know the TRUTH, which is hard to come by with all the BS around. Dr. Kahn, you should go and discredit yourself instead by continuing to tell your patients that you are a Holistic Doctor and know what your talking about. You should have spent your tuition money for medical school on the purchase of a real doctors book like the Plant Paradox.  I really think you need to go back to school, bud!

  15. I've tried countless diets non of them have worked. Tried plant paradox starting 4/17/18 when his book which is already a NYT best seller came out. I have lost 45 lbs since and feel great. Much of my arthritis is GONE, congestion and allergies GONE! I can tell you first hand this diet is not really a diet more a better way of eating and it works. I am living proof!

  16. Many of the Functional Medicine docs and Naturopathic/holistic peeps are agreeing with Dr Gundry. I learned about Gundry from Dr Mercola and Dr O'Brian and others. I have specific issues (leaky gut, ulcers, Hashimoto's Thyroid, Hypoglycemia, hormone imbalances,etc and nothing seemed to really help until I cut lectins from my diet. hard to do but the results are well worth it!

  17. Hippocrates Clinic in West Palm Beach has approaches that are in my opinion way beyond Gundry's approach. They have been ranked the number one health institute in the world since the year 2001 for good reason. Check them out!

  18. The vegan diet did not work for me but Dr gundrys way of eating does and with the vegetarian options for each meal its a winner in my books. Sadly sometimes your body does not allow certain foods tobe eaten and tolerated.

  19. In response to your email.
    “Red Pill Vegan
    Thanks for the feedback man. It's always good to hear from people about their experiences. What was your diet like before eating the gundry diet?”
    I have been a Vegetarian for 28 years
    Diet consisted of vegetables, fruits, breads, beans, seeds, nuts and cheese.
    I still eat a vegetable diet actually more veggies now than ever. I do eat two eggs in the morning and a liter of xtra virgin olive oil a week. Feeling amazing. Over a year now eating this way. Thank you.

  20. Didn't mention the lectin blocking pills that Gundry sells. If you cook the legumes properly it kills the lectins. Can anyone find a case of someone dying after eating cooked legumes?

  21. Gundry is not a scam, Helped me cure some really bad psoriasis. And lost 15lbs at same time. Everyone should be eating this way. And you don't need to buy his supplements to do it.I have never felt better at 51. Thank you Dr Gundry.

  22. Fake misinformation about Dr. Gundry. Disagreed with him is okay, but to call him out as a scammer is baloney. Keep this site video site up and you will eventually have more dislikes than likes.

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