Fat Loss Per Week | How Much? coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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What is the proper rate of fat loss per week? Would it be acceptable to compete in one year if the starting position is over weight or obese? How much weight should you be aiming to lose in a given period of time, and how much body fat can we drop for stage?

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33 thoughts on “Fat Loss Per Week | How Much? coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. Man, I've been watching a lot of your videos lately and you are so spot on everything! I've been maintaining a 70 lb weight loss for 15 years (I'm now 5'1" and around 116 lbs with 21% body fat) and I also work in obesity medicine. You have great knowledge and understanding of being over weight, obese, and those who just want to drop body fat (which is me now)… Loving all your videos! Thanks for the great content

  2. I am going to be eating the same organic diet for the rest of my life. There will be no pendulum swing because there will be no other foods ever. Period. I feel good and I throw most of my foods in the blender to finish my calories off making it much easier.

  3. Hey Paul, 2 weeks ago I started keto, my first week I lost 2kg (put it on water weight) but still water or not I got scared, second week i up my kcal from 1800 to 2400+, for some odd reason that made me lose weight even faster (lost 4 kg) in 9 days, what should I do, should i up my kcal? current weight is 81.5 kg goal 72kg started at 87kg something

  4. I lost a pound in a half in the last week but I haven't been working out or eating healthy. Did I a pound in a half of muscle in just a week all of a sudden or is it fat? I weigh myself once a week and the scale is accurate it's at the gym I go to

  5. when you mention natural bodybuilders getting down to 6 or 5% body fat for stage lean, I assume you mean pro natural bodybuilders. I haven't seen many amateur natural bodybuilders legitimately hit those numbers while keeping any appreciable muscle. Your thoughts?

  6. Hey Paul, I’ve been watching your videos for a while but first time commenting. I really appreciate how you prioritize health (physical and mental) before aesthetics. I’m not into bodybuilding, just like to feel and look fit. Your YouTube channel is full of wisdom for all folks!

  7. Perfect timing (for me). I am going on my first offical cut starting today. I am 51, male, stand 6' and weigh 204lbs. Plan is to get down to 190 in 20 – 24 weeks. I will turn 52 in this cut! Have a pretty good idea of how to do this because of your videos. Thanks! And I am more of a range kind of person so that "hard number" of 190 is not so hard. 187 – 194 would be my range.

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