Eliminating KNEE PAIN (part 1) coupon discount promotional codes 2019

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Are you experiencing knee pain from playing sports or weight lifting? Learn about how to improve your biomechanics, mobility, and flexibility to eliminate knee pain!
Watch PART 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT0DFMMEu4c&feature=youtu.be

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18 thoughts on “Eliminating KNEE PAIN (part 1) coupon discount promotional codes 2019

  1. Thank coach Donny , this video helps so much for my knee pain ( jumper knee ) . Especially the stretching part , i haven been missing out on stretching my glute and hip . No wonder why my landing is awful and hurt my knees badly .

  2. Coach Donny, I've been watching your videos like everyday in the past month! There are many fitness experts on YouTube but not many as "nice person" as you are. It's very comfortable to listen/watch your instruction compared to so many narcissistic fitness experts out there.

  3. Hi Donny could you please make a video about exercises against muscle asymmetry. I play volleyball for 15 year and have recently noticed that my right side back muscles are bigger than on the left side. I suppose that I feel some discomfort due to this imbalance between left and right side of my back. Especially between L1 and Th6 vertebrae. Thank you in advance

  4. Thanks very much for the video, but i was late finding it. I tore my meniscus. But I only had pain when I played softball not volleyball. Ive had surgery and still cant jump or run & I'm almost 3 months into PT. Also I know your not a orthopedic guy but My knee keeps popping, but it doesn't hurt.

  5. Hey Coach Donny, just out of curiosity, have you ever experienced patellar tendinitis or jumper's knee with yourself or many athletes you have trained? If you have, do you remember how long it took to completely recover or become completely free of pain? I know this video addresses many important components towards the restoration of the injury and this is great and valuable content. I am very grateful to come across a legitimate, inspirational, and motivational channel. Thank you for your contributions!

  6. This video is awesome and should not be brushed aside, especially for volleyball players.In the future could you possibly do a video on drills, workouts, exercises etcetera that focus on setting?

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