Eating Evolved: Keto Cups Taste Test (2018) coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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What’s up everybody? My name is Los. This is Keto Thoughts and today we are doing a magical, mystical, whoa hold on I got a text.

Oh, okay, well probably keep it on because I got to wait for a call.

We’re doing a taste test today with a company that my friend Ryan Reed, a beautiful, handsome young man that lives in New York and lives a daring life with his beautiful also influencer girlfriend Ashley Brooke, and every day they try to help women with a product and a company called Life by Her.

Now that I’ve inspired you to go visit their website, me and Ryan were talking and he’s like, “Bro have tried Keto Cups?” And I was like, “No dude.” He’s like, “Bro try it.” I was like, “Bro, do I need to?” He was like, “Yeah for sure they’re the best.” I was like, “Bro where do I get them.” He was like, “Bro you can only get them at Whole Foods but they’re always sold out.” I was like, “Oh dude, I’ll get them on Amazon.” Some shmuck was trying to like oversell them for $60 so I was like, “Nah I forgot about it.” Then I forgot about it and I went to Whole Foods with my wife and I was like, “Oh my God Keto Cups!” I texted my friend Ryan.

I was like, “Bro, Keto Cups are here.” He’s like, “Dude, get some.” I was like, “Alright, crazy.” Then i got some and here we are. Now, that you’re here, you see it, oh God things are happening. You know what I’m just going to turn my phone of, this is so rude, I apologize. I’m trying to do everything at once, I can do it because I’m fasting and I’m on Keto, throws phone.

So here’s the thing that we’re going to do, we’re going to try both and I’m going to bring a special guest, you’ve seen him, you’ve heard of, with him, he likes hamburgers, he’s kind of a carnivore but sometimes he has a little sweet spot for sweets. Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Malby.

Malby! Do you want to try Keto Cups?

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, first of all let me tell you the ingredients of these Cups of Keto, this Ketosis Cups. One cup is 130 calories, 13 grams of rich delicious fat, five grams of carbs, four grams of fiber, making it one net carb. Wow, powerful. Good amount on the fiber for the poops. Two grams of protein, this thing just keeps popping, it’s my friend A.J.

A.J. watches the show, A.J. there you are. Now it’s legit on silent, I thought it was on silent before. So we’re going to have the coffee. The regular flavor has the exact same macros. Now I’m taking it back and we’re going to get started with the first one, I’m having a hard time opening this. Oh there it is, there it is, there it is, you got it, open it.

The packaging is nice.

So you guys know, this has organic coconut butter, organic cacao, little bit of organic monk fruit extract, this is what gives it a little bit of the sweetness, that’s what they use, the sweetener is monk fruit, very, very clean. A little bit of MCT oil, so if you see a little bit of the oiliness over here, boom it’s MCT’s.

Very rich, very thick. If you like dark chocolate, you’ll love this. Now as the MCT, all the innards are going to melt out like you saw in the bag, you’re going to have to slurp it out.

For me, it was nice, it was very cocoa/chocolatey, bitter like my ex, a pungent flavor, would I buy it again? I don’t think I need it because I could just make fat bombs at my house. We’re about to try this other flavor, this is the coffee flavored, all the way up. For immediately, I’m in. So the ingredients on this one are coconut butter, organic cacao, MCT oil, organic coffee, and organic monk fruit for the delicious nutritious and powerfully keto packed flavor.

It’s less MCT oil feeling, maybe the coffee helps out or whatever, the packaging is fire, like they did a great job. It just feels like I’m unwrapping a Reese’s pieces for Halloween or something. I’m just in the zone, I feel good, I’m in my moment, I believe in myself right now, I’m ready for chewing, here we go.

That is it for me, I hope you enjoyed this. Share it with a friend, cousin, mother, sister, uncle, whoever it is, share it with somebody so we can continue to grow the community. Speaking of communities, we have a community, watch this, boom! See all that, that’s the community, it’s moving around, it’s called Keeping it Keto, do we have more communities? Do we have more content? Do we have more things happening? Of course we do. If you don’t know how to cook, why don’t you check out our recipes, there are 100 delicious, nutritious, satisfying, satiating, and successfully made recipes just for you, Keto Thoughts is here to change your life America and other people that live in other places.
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Eating Evolved: Keto Cups Taste Test (2018)
Eating Evolved: Keto Cups Taste Test (2018)
Eating Evolved: Keto Cups Taste Test (2018)

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  1. Los!! Yo what’s crackalackin’ homes ?? I tried the Keto cups and I was a little disappointed because not only were they $11.99 a bag, but I wasn’t crazy about it and I had to add my stuff to it to make it more palatable. The flavor I bought was coffee. I added a dollop of Barney Butter and a slice of Epic jerky. That made it DELISH !! 😋

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