Dr. Berg / Karen Live Q&A, Friday (Jan. 11) on the Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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This Friday, 11:00 am (EST): Jan. 11, 2019
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Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 52 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.

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34 thoughts on “Dr. Berg / Karen Live Q&A, Friday (Jan. 11) on the Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. Good afternoon, I'm a long distance runner, I'm doing intermitent fasting from october and it's been very easy. (16/8 most ir the days, 12/12 if I have social events and 1 or 2 days a week OMAD). The most carbos I have the days my trainings are os more than 2 hours, and after my Long distance run which is almost every weekend (about 30 miles)
    Now I'm planning an ultra trail competition and I really don't know how to manage the food, as it will be 300km non stop and with no assistance but water or isotonic. (We have to carry on por own food or buy it on the way). We have 72 hours yo complete it. Last race I did was about 230km, and I ate every 50km. It was Ok for me, but now I'm not sure about what yo eat and when…that race I wasn't doing IF, I ate rice and chicken in every stop, and just water in between. Help me with the programming please

  2. My question. I have developed hands shaking, and when I am relaxed and pay attention I notice my teeth shaking. Tis last Monday I started taking 400 mg magnesium and 1/8 tsp potassium (No Salt) in water thinking that would help. Not helping. Do you think I need sugar? I am not diabetic that I know of. I am 61.

  3. Hi Dr.Berg, many thanks for the awesome info. I just want to know could keto diet be dangerous on a long term and may lead to cancer because as I know that cancer comes most from the oxidation of fat leading to free radicals and while we consume more fat here is the problem! Please clarify this to me and I'll be apreciated your advice because I'm overweight and about to start keto diet to lose weight? Many thanks

  4. I think I might've made a mistake in consuming a sucralose-based chocolate dip. It was the only one that did not give me terrible digestive issues, but it seems to interfere somewhat with digestion and I lose all focus and attention for a few hours. Also increased apetite.

    Now I'm worried about the studies that say consuming it over a few days may leave your body stuck with a lot of toxins it cant get rid off and that I basically nuked some strands of gut bacteria out of existance and there's no way to reintroduce them. What should I do?

  5. Do you have any low calorie Keto snacks that are crunchy other than nuts or pork rinds? I tend to over-eat nuts and go over my carbs and with pork rinds I always get stomach troubles.

    I LOVE celery, but I always have to deep it in something. Either fat or 0 calorie(the aspartame was killing me, I use stevia now) chocolate cream or nut butters. WIth celery I run into the issue of raising it's calories too much.

  6. How should I have my protein?

    I know you reccomend 3-6 oz per meal, but I'm a bit stumped ever since you gave me the answer to why I have insulin spikes whenever I eat nothing but egg whites and zero calorie sauces.

    Should I fatten up my lean meats and egg whites with ghee or the like?

    According to your videos, my upper protein limit should be 96g. THrough exeriments, I've found that if I don't consume that much I get insane cravings. BUT, I do OMAD. Is that okay? Is that 96g of meat INCLUDING fats, or 96g of protein alone, with the fats coutned separeteley?

  7. I have two questions. If liver is cleaning, where does the secretion or bacteria layer goes, blood, stool, urin? Suppose that liver is clean from living organism, how long does it take to regenerate cells, to heal the damage. I did not get there yet but most of my pains is in that area. Thank you a lot.

  8. I've got a question.
    How the heck do I slow down my mytochondria.
    I was on a super restrictive diet for a month, got to 5% body fat, holidays happened, I was already keto and fat adapted, overate, my body went into this sort of hypermode. I was constantly burning, I couldnt sleep, I had terrible anxiety, I had to lift weights twice an hour, my digestion was terrible, I crashed for 30 minutes after every meal than shot up awake, no focus. I could not focus for 5 minutes on stuff that I usually did for 5-8 hrs at a time. SLept for 2-3 hrs daily. It was a disaster. The culprit was most likely a lot of ace-k and overeating nuts and seeds, going over my net carb max, but still, it took me two weeks to get out of that state, then I just snapped to normal, but now if I go a little overboard with net carbs (I try to keep it bellow 10 on OMAD), I get into that state for at least a day. And I still cant turn my room's temperature above 14 celsius, its too hot.

  9. I've got a question about intermittent fasting. I'm eating once a day and thinking to increase it to once in 2 days or even go proper fasting- week, two weeks without food few times during the year. I definitely think it is doable. However what about nutritions. Apparently we need daily a certain amount of vitamins and minerals.. how to understand nutrition aspect in terms of fasting? It matters or it doesn't matter. Thank you

  10. @Dr. Eric Burg DC……I have been on a water fast for 9 days, my plan is to go 21 days. So far it’s going fantastic and I’m amazed at my will power to not eat. I’m doing it to try and heal my body and just get rid of all the gunk I feel like was making me unhealthy. My arthritis is not hurting, my back is not hurting, and I have as much or maybe even more energy than I had before I started. Is this healthy for me to do.?

  11. I would just like for you to answer is it good for someone to donate their blood. I do every three months. I have four years I have a gold card actually. I find it to be very healthy to rebuild my own self. And it keeps my immunities up. Would be awesome if you could answer that question. And you're awesome.♥️🌹

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