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So often, the world seems to be trying to defeat us, to crucify us, and get us to lose faith. But, behind all of these “tests” is the faith in who we really are. This three-dimensional world is made of Time, Space, and Patience, and Patience is how God is reflected in the universe. And although time and space are limited, Divine Patience connects us to the Eternal. Divine Patience is how we can best endure life’s tests. For example the actor, Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in the movie, The Passion of Christ. Michael explained that because the Caviezel chose to embody the role, the universe sent him several incredible tests to help him integrate the Spirit of Christ. So during the filming of the movie, the actor suffered from hypothermia, a dislocated shoulder, and even was struck by lightning–while hanging on the cross. In other words, in his own way, Caviezel became closer to embodying the Christ Presence by passing his tests with Divine Patience.

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11 thoughts on “Divine Patience coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. Perhaps not right video, to give this comment…..but I choose to do, anyway.You often refer to earlier lifetimes. Myself, I do not remember so. It is more like a feelig, and coincidence, visiting countryes and so in this life.But I DO remember, back to when I was I baby! Quite much! Nothing bad. Thoug, the feelig of beeing with persons I still did not know. I remember exitement…..the person visiting when I took my first step! But also, long before that, I remember!.I have shared this longer story, remembering me beeing baby, to many friends. I have not met one, remembering their own early childhood! But, many tells stories, from what they belive is earlyer life!As you see….I am still in time and space.

  2. Fathers day that. Here it is mothers day, today.Divine Patience……I listen with great………no! It just moves me. Touches me.My sons sendt me the most beautiful bunch of flowers today, and heart warming words.I love them so much, and always did (not only because they have become beautiful, loving persons. I would have loved them alwayes, no matter what).I lost my own mother, when I was 3 dayes old (got tested, pretty young, to have the will to grow up, without the uncondition love, that a mother in live, could have given).But my father was there, always caring, alwayes allowing me to follow my own pathway! (never told me what he suffered during war, I found out after his death).Still, time and space this what I tell.But perhaps I already got a glimpse, throug my fathers behavior, this you call Divine Patience?

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