Cambridge Weight Plan VS Exante Diet coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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17 thoughts on “Cambridge Weight Plan VS Exante Diet coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. Hi Ollie, I am a newbie to your channel and have been sitting here catching up on your videos. I am currently on CWP step 2 and after watching your video I am thinking of moving to Exante. I (currently have x3 products and eat 'food' (measured and weighed). Would I just do the same but with Exante products? I have been losing averagely 3-4 pounds a weeks and have been on it since August. I have to admit I have had some 'cheat' weekends and fallen off plan…I was lucky to have still lost weight…our bodies are very baffling! Well done on your success and thank you for sharing.

  2. ollie what was your heaviest weight mate ? I saw you on day 1 and you didn't look overweight to me at all , i'm 6ft 2 and am 19 st 10lbs and like a whale really fat , I've just ordered the 84 meal plan to start , hey mate I loved your videos loved them , i'm lenny and weigh 19 st 11lbs i'm 6ft 2 but very fat big stomach very flabby boobs . can you text me i'd love support I've just ordered the 84 meal pack and I start it thurs 11/10/18 I need to shed 5 stone and I've tried slimming world etc ,,, would love to keep in touch just talk etc i'm on 07788937309 … so I have to have 3 exante meals per day but this eggs thingy is that everyday you have the eggs and butter? really 4 eggs ? i'm desperate to get this weight off i'm like a beached whale lol really need helpand support or recipe options I have so many questions about what you eat on days off etc and I want to go the gym too but i'm so scared of weakness fatigue to jog or cycle … I can actually see the weight falling off you from your other two previous videos , I stumbled upon this after researching diet after diet , recently for two weeks I had the grapefruit diet two eggs lean steak and raw tomatoes pretty much for two weeks I was borking spewing dreading having to eat the raw toms and it was so so un appetising so much so I only managed 10 days and didn't hardly lose anything at all could really really do with your help mate i'm so committed and I could easily do shakes and the bolognaise meal etc … I like veg just raw salad without dressing I can't stomach with grilled steak every day it's horrible . so do you eat the eggs every morning pretty much ?

  3. Hello Ollie, I tried Exante and hated it porridge was too sweet and was like eating warm millshake it was disgusting, tried the bars, shakes and smoothies and I have to say with exante it's cheaper but you have no one to one support, Cambridge is more expensive but you get quality products and a one to one with a consultant, so for me quality of product out ways the cost so Cambridge is for me 😁

  4. Hi Ollie, I found with the Cambridge soups that if you pour a little freshly boiled water into a large mug then add the soup powder and mix to a paste, you can then slowly fill up your cup with the rest of the water mixing all the time and hey presto – no lumps!! Then leave for a couple of minutes to thicken – like you needed to with the meals. See if that helps when you have your Exante soups. Good luck x

  5. Hey Ollie
    Great video as always.
    Having lost 9 stone on Cambridge in 2015/16 in 7 months and maintained since just wanted to comment.
    I'm now a consultant with my partner and we even went to visit mitch after seeing your videos with him. Was amazing,and learnt a lot so thankyou for that.
    You are right that exante is cheeper,but you don't get the support and guidance of a consultant, so you are defo right saying if you've never done it before to look at that.
    As you know you really do have to do the steps to get out the other side of any vlcd diet,only way it works full stop!
    I think exante could be dangerous for some people who don't know as much as others as we quite often have to not put people on sole source for medical reasons and have to start on a higher step.
    Also all males have to do 4 products min and females over 5ft8.
    Anyway thanks for all the vids and best of luck on your exante journey,sure you'll smash it as always 😀

  6. Very interesting Ollie. I am on CWP. I use a hand held blender to tackle the lumpy soup scenario, just blend in a measuring jug or tall beaker. That way there's no risk of it bursting out of an enclosed blender jug due to the pressure build up. I like the CWP ready made cartons as they are just so convenient.

  7. If you’re comparing the two I think one of the main things you’re missing is that on CWP you are medically screened by your consultant and they have procedures to follow based on your medical history and weight. They have access to medical experts and will contact your GP if needed. Whereas on Exante you seem free to do as you please which could cause serious harm – for example you shouldn’t do 800 cals if your bmi is over 40…

  8. Nice one. I lost about 31/2 stone on exante on my own in a very negative environment and was very pleased with the outcome. Of course over the next 2 years it crept back again. I then had a hugely successful Cambridge result in 2017 and dropped 51/2 stone again about 2 stone came back. I’m currently on Cambridge and have lost 30lbs in 9 weeks. Going to have to work at reversing out this time! Your vlog was very balanced.

  9. Ollie I really think your content has improved since you came back. One of the reasons for this is that you have been there and got the T shirt (ups and downs) so your content both relevant and informed.

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