Brittney Dawn Fitness There is MORE | YouTube Policies on Sponsors coupon discount promotional codes 2019

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49 thoughts on “Brittney Dawn Fitness There is MORE | YouTube Policies on Sponsors coupon discount promotional codes 2019

  1. I see your from the burgh, gave you a sub. If I’m not mixed up… that gym in your vids is that the one over in Baldwin?
    I been going to the YMCA in bethel park, the place rocks.

    Good vid tho, scammers suck

  2. Wait…so people are PAYING for workout advice on Youtube?……I don't get it. With all of the wonderful free shit on the internet, why tf would you pay some idiot to…..sheeit forget it.😔

  3. Some very good points were raised in this video. And yes, she is intelligent – she knows how to sell.
    Given this, I don't feel that her apology video is valid – she knew exactly what she was doing and knows how to resolve the issues (ie. offer full refunds when orders got out of control, or even limited the amount of orders, etc), but chose not to bother and simply take peoples' money.

  4. No shit Alan literally your vids make my fucking day, like I crack the fuck up listening to the rage and just the pure anger at the stupidity you see happening in the world. You literally say what all of us are thinking but most of us lack the platform to get it out there. Carry the fuck on good sir!!!

  5. Integrity. (It does exist on this YT platform). I"m so happy I found your video, Sir! I was getting so down thinking that no one has any honor left on YouTube, and (you and) your video has left me happily mistaken.

  6. what is with this so called fitness influencer? She dosent look fit or looks like she works out or has any knowledge of fitness . I give her credit she has lost a little bit of weight but anyone can do the amount she has done with reducing food intake and a little bit of exercise . The rest of her is so fake , fake tan , fake eyelashes , fake botox , fake eyebrows , fake acting , fake tears .

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