Bacon & Hot Wings: I Lost 10 LBS in 2 Weeks | Keto Diet coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and lowered my blood pressure by eating high fat food like bacon, chicken wings, butter, cheese and avocados for every meal. I was skeptical of the keto diet, but for me it worked wonders and very quickly. Watch until the end – I add a disclaimer that I do not recommend eating this much bacon and I’m not sure that this diet is right for me or you. Seek medical advice before doing anything I do regarding exercise and eating.

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28 thoughts on “Bacon & Hot Wings: I Lost 10 LBS in 2 Weeks | Keto Diet coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. Good fat is needed in our bodies, most people don't get enough of good fat. I use coconut oil, which can help you to lose weight too, if you use enough…….Years ago a friend said sugar was poison, and I have come to find out that he was so right. I use stevia. Get away from soy, here in the us it is GMO junk. Read your labels……………
    Love your info input.

  2. Glad you are doing so much better Shawn. My husband and I have been on a modified keto (more low carb veges) diet for years. One thing that works for my husband to keep his B/P in reasonable range is taking Magnesium Citrate powder twice a day. Years ago I read an article a Dr. wrote claiming that as we age it is a given (regardless of our good health practices) that we will have some loss of elasticity of our vascular system which is why as we age our blood pressure rises to compensate for this. He stated he firmly believed that a lot of dementia, falls, confusion etc. in many older people have actually been brought on by B/P medication keeping the B/P too low, not allowing good circulation in the brain. Some of the standards of the medical system are often unreasonable and actually unhealthy for the older individual. Certainly we don't want sky high B/P, but this info is interesting and something to think about as we age. For me food allergies cause my normal B/P to sky rocket.
    Have a great week!

  3. Great video Shawn..when i first seen the topic i thought you were joking 🙂 but wow certainly not the results i expected..i'm very happy how well it is working for you and am certainly going to check into it for my self…thanks for sharing,love your videos!

  4. You and your wife will miss that wonderfull bread she makes. I tell you! I live keto now for over 2 years, shortly loosend the belt into low carb since I WANT to eat our delicious austrian sourdough bread once a week. Anything else, no problem. Oh wait…sometimes potatos. But I cheat every now and then (once a month), has no impact and youre on your knees when you eat this forbidden things. 🙂

  5. Hello, a orange every morning, drink cevada at breakfast (no cooffe), a litle cooffe a day with milk, but small. i am 48 as you, lost 18 kg, pressure and heart problems as you, the same family health problems, not as fit as you, not as self releiance as you, lost my job 3 years ago, every thing changed in my life, but i keep on going. Keep up too, you are an inspiration! Duarte Madeira island.

  6. It's not accurate to say that health care in Canada is "free". It most certainly is not. We all pay for it through our taxes, which are much higher than places that lack universal health care (like the US). Universal health care is unquestionably costly. But I would always argue that it is worth it. Since I've relocated to the US I've had impromptu conversations with several American folks about this subject: the discussion usually begins with a not-so-veiled criticism of socialism. I then proceed to try to explain that universal healthcare does not equate with socialism, and at any rate, socialism does not equate with communism, which is what the underlying paranoia seems to be really about. We Canadians need to defend our health care system, as imperfect as it may be. It's a work in progress, but it's a lot better than nothing (as I'm finding out). And leaving health care open to the private sector is an open invitation to the financial abuse of the public (also, as I'm finding out).

  7. Welcome to the keto family Shawn! I'm turning 71 soon and I've never felt better or been healthier. I'm a DrPH, MPH in Nutrition and Health Behavior, and I can sadly admit now that a large part of my higher education was just incorrect. I approached ketogenesis and the diet as a researcher, and dealt with the counter-intuitive psychology of it all in the beginning. I am now convinced that the hidden dark elephant in the room is insulin resistance that is the root cause of so many chronic diseases and ill health, but the keto diet and lifestyle has certainly reversed that in my case. Not to bore you with my personal stats, let me just say that any health problems I had are either gone or a million times better. And this after just one year on keto! As far as the 10 lb loss you experienced, a large part of that is water. The carb-based glycogen that's stored in muscles, releases glucose that requires a lot of water. In ketogenesis however, glycogen is stored in the liver or is in the blood and can be converted to ketones with seriously less water. Hence, the body eliminates the water no longer needed on keto. You will continue to build muscle, tone up and lose weight as you go forward, but at a slower pace. I'm happy for you and your wife. 🙂 If you want an easy-to-digest (no pun intended) YT channel to keep learning about keto and health, I recommend Dr. Eric Berg DC. Good luck!

  8. Thanks for input, as I've struggled with Keto versus a sustainable way of eating. Think I'm sticking to fasting, as can eat a variety of healthy foods, while limiting my time per day. Feel really great on this. Just another thought…

  9. Amazing. I'm guessing that the diet, combined with your daily workout, burning calories has a lot to do with it. I can't stress enough about a life thats free of stress either! Good for you Shawn! You constantly show us how genuine you are. Its such a pleasant feeling to come across someone as down to earth as you are. I am sure there are others, just like you, who inspire and touch people with positivity, but, for now I'm so glad I ran into you,!

  10. Middle of researching rite now due to intestinal track surgery my wife is so up on all of this she is 100% organic from food to skin care and it shows
    SUGAR! is such a bad culprit for ones health I am drastically cutting it out of my diet and other life style changes hitting the big 60 in April lost two brothers to Cancer in the last 15 months, my love for the outdoors is one additionl driving force for me to stay healthy
    Thanks Shawn

  11. Little Joe will tell you… Sugar is BAD! The worst thing that people do is DRINK sugar in the form of soda, tea or any other drinks containing high fructose corn syrup (call it what you want, it's sugar). We have been poisoned with this crap! Cancer LOVES sugar!
    This Keto diet has worked wonders for me. The hard part is staying away from bread. If you can do it, you WILL lose the unwanted pounds and lower your blood pressure AND your A1C level.

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