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Rita Crundwell stole more than $53 million of public funds across two decades in office as the City Comptroller and Treasurer for Dixon as self, Illinois as self, a town with a population of 16 as self,000. She used the funds to build one of the nation’s leading quarter horse breeding empires as self, and threw lavish parties for community leaders at her home as self, all while the town endured cuts to public staff as self, emergency services budgets as self, and work on maintaining public infrastructure. In 2012 after a close colleague turned whistleblower finally uncovered her scheme and alerted the Mayor as self, the FBI arrested Crundwell as the largest municipal fraud perpetrator in American history. All the Queen’s Horses is the riveting story of how a pillar of the community could so callously execute a scam of such magnitude.

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12 thoughts on “All the Queen’s Horses coupon discount promotional codes 2019

  1. Great documentary and lesson on fraud and embezzlement! This should be on the must watch list for anyone handling transactions involving someone else's money. Basic controls of bank confirmations and segregation of duties were non existent.

  2. I lived there at the time. Not into politics but wow. Between the way the people are there, and how it was handled, most was lost on waste. ( return of money)
    Before anyone whines the people or officials in Dixon with little or no protest let her keep her pension from the very job she robbed them from.
    The handling was such things as moving horses from her luxurious stables,after they had taken it from her, and kept them elsewhere by US Marshals huge money loss there alone. The had a home,no need to pay for boarding. Agents can go there just as easily.

  3. Who gave her permission to move that money from the town's account thru phony invoices? That is the person to blame, along with any others who followed and didn't bother to review their bank statements. The Mayor seems nice, but he's too old and trusting.

  4. This documentary does a great job explaining how the fraud occurred. People interviewed described it as simple. I don't think I would have thought of it myself but I'm not an accountant.

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