£70 Exante Diet VLCD Haul coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

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13 thoughts on “£70 Exante Diet VLCD Haul coupon discount promotional codes 2018-2019

  1. Hi Ollie 👋🏻 love your videos. I’m restarting Exante on Monday I’m going to weigh at the start then again in 4 weeks I’m going to take photos and measurements instead

  2. I add coffee to the vanilla and almond vanilla add more water and have them hot. Taste lovely. Also I don't think you loose more weight on shakes only as all the products are around 200 cals.

  3. People saying 'I could care less' makes no sense. The correct expression is 'I couldn't care less'. One of my pet hates LOL. Will be interested to see what you think of this Exante stuff. Struggling with the affordability of CWP now.

  4. Great video. I thought you said you advocated a VLCD for those wanting to lose a lot though. I need to catch up on your latest couple of videos to see the reason… good luck anyway! Exante takes some getting used to after cambridge but I do prefer many of the Exante ones. Porridge isn't one of them tho and the curry sucks. Hope Zara and Maverick (and everyone else) are okay <3

  5. Watch out for the Exante Curry…very hot! I haven’t tried all of the products yet but I like the shepherds pie. The bars are awful! I’m hoping the biscuits are better. Am 3 weeks into Cambridge and am making the change to Exante exclusively as of my next weigh in on Monday next. I’m 100% on plan, 3 weeks in and I know I can make the change to Exante and stay on plan 100% with no worries. You keep posting so I don’t feel like I am in this alone! Thanks Ollie 🙃

  6. hi great vlog Ollie.l love exante I used these products to lose 6 stone and keeping it off.i agree make the Apple crumble.pop it into a deep jug and cook it in 4 stages otherwise it overflow.it became one of my favourites along with the lemon pancakes.caramel bar and the lemon shake.tip with the flapjacks pop in microwave for a few seconds to warm through makes them taste amazing.looking forward to your future vlogs sue

  7. Hi Ollie . Tip with the apple crumble . I used to do 4 x 25 seconds on about 80% power cos it kept over flowing when I tried them lol 😂 the chocolate delight is like a angel delight type of thing .

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