10 Vertical Jump Exercises For Basketball Players with Coach Alan Stein – EGT Basketball coupon discount promotional codes 2019

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These 10 vertical jump exercises are designed for basketball players who want to increase their vertical – dramatically.

Pro performance coach Alan Stein demonstrates 10 vertical jump exercises for basketball players that will increase your speed, spring, explosiveness, and strength on the court.

If you perform this basketball workout regularly these exercises can make you jump higher.

Exercise #1: 00:23
Pogo Hops

Exercise #2: 00:52
Tuck Jumps

Exercise #3: 01:27
Depth Jumps
(named high box drops athletic stance with vertical jump and athletic stance landing in AWS)

Exercise #4: 02:14
Split Squat Jumps

Exercise #5: 02:48
KB Swings

Exercise #6: 03:33
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats
(named RFESS in AWS)

Exercise #7: 04:27
Lunge Matrix

Exercise #8: 05:26
1 Legged Squat

Exercise #9: 06:07
Front Squat

Exercise #10: 06:48
Paused Jump Squats

Basketball-Specific BONUS #1: 07:31
Highest Point Catch

Basketball-Specific BONUS #2: 08:21
Euro Step Jumps

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46 thoughts on “10 Vertical Jump Exercises For Basketball Players with Coach Alan Stein – EGT Basketball coupon discount promotional codes 2019

  1. Are these workouts enough for a leg day? Because I am a bodybuilder and I love basketball so I'd like to use these exercises instead of mine. Thank you.

  2. just curious, why does he look like he's not really trying? like when he did the depth jumps its like he just jumped like whatever and he's not really trying to jump as high as he can? is that how we suppose to do it?

  3. 1. These are great exercises and great material especially for free.

    2. One minor beef I have with a lot of vertical/dunking training videos, is that a lot of times the coaches aren't really exploding when they demonstrate. I know it doesn't matter ThAT much, but we all know that Alan Stein can get up a lot more than how he is in this vid, and it would inspire me a lot more to do these if he displayed his bunnies doing these exercises. Or at least have videos of him dunking or something at the beginning or end so we can see what his "end product" is. Just a thought.

    All in all though, great freaking content. Very useful, practical, applicable ways to get anyone's vertical up.

  4. Here's the video summarised.

    1. Pogo jumps – vertically jump as high as possible and spend minimal time on the ground

    2. Tuck jumps – Vertically jump as high as possible and tuck your knees into your chest in midair and land soft, and on balance.

    3. Depth jumps – Start in an athletic stance on top of a box. Step off the box and land in a stable athletic stance on the ground. Immediately perform a vertical jump and land in an athletic stance.

    4. Split squat jumps – Start in a front lunge position and jump and land with opposite foot in front.

    5. Kettlebell swings – Start in an athletic stance holding the kettlebell (or dumbbell) between your legs and below your waist. Generate power through from your hips and core and swing the resistance to your eye level.

    6. Rear foot elevated split squats – Start by placing the instep of one foot face down on a bench and the other leg forward (a split squat position with the back foot elevated) and perform a split squat.

    7. Lunge matrix – start in a athletic stance. Perform a series of lunge combinations.

    8. One legged squat – start balancing on one leg. Perform a squatting movement.

    9. Front squat – start in an athletic stance. Hold the resistance at your shoulders. Keeping your ankles/knees/hips/shoulders facing forward perform a squatting movement.

    10. Paused jump squats – Start in an athletic position. Perform a squat and transition directly into a vertical jump. Pause for one full second before repeating.

  5. I'm 17 years old 5'5 ft. if this 10 vertical jump exercises i work daily and always use the heavy , it will not increase my height ? please answer. sorry for the wrong grammar 🙁

  6. I went from sitting on the bench and scarcely being able to dunk – to averaging numerous dunks per game, being a beginner, and also winning the state championship after using this vertical jump training “takom fetching network (G0OGLE it)! I have attempted many vertical jump programs however this one tops them all. .

  7. I tried various programs in the past but to no avail, but this vertical jump training “takom fetching network” (G0OGLE it) was an exception. Fourteen days ago I could only touch the rim and it was embarrassing. My buddies are really shocked about how I could now dunk in only a short time! .

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